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Would you like to open an Imaginarium shop?

At Imaginarium we have a great dynamic team, with initiative and a desire to work with enthusiasm. Our skilled professionals are ready to help you because The success of our Franchise Network is our success.

Imaginarium's key is its philosophy of always being prepared to contribute towards creating a better world, through the quality, innovation and creativity displayed in all its products and services.

Would you like to participate in this exciting project too?

We are looking for people who want to start up their own business, people who want to diversify their activities but, more than anything, people who feel really passionate about the world of children and Imaginarium. People who can enhance our network of franchise operators, as we believe that the Franchise Network of the future will be not only those that have the backing of a good Franchiser, but those that also have a good chain of franchise operators and know how to create the suitable means of feeding on their ideas and contributions.

If you are looking for an exiting project and you would like to join the more prestigious brand and well consolidated in the market, do not hesitate to contact us.

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